Code of Ethics


Members of the Jewellers Association of Australia Ltd (JAA) acknowledge that:

  • fair and genuine competition is fundamental to the jewellery industry
  • the highest professional and ethical standards and technical skills are necessary to maintain and enhance the reputation of the jewellery industry and uphold consumer confidence in the industry; and
  • the JAA Code of Ethics represents the guiding principles that govern the conduct of the JAA members.

Accordingly, at all times JAA members will at all times adhere to the spirit and letter of this Code of Ethics.


JAA Member will at all times:

  1. Conduct themselves and their business with honesty, courtesy and integrity and in such a manner as to not bring disrepute to the jewellery industry.
  2. Abstain from making false or misleading statements about any member of the jewellery industry.
  3. Refrain from public criticism of any JAA member.
  4. Provide full and accurate disclosure of the nature, quality and characteristics of any merchandise offered or sold.
  5. Abstain from engaging in any conduct or business practice that may directly or indirectly mislead or deceive customers
  6. Honour all guaranties, warranties and service policies as represented to customers as well as provided by law.
  7. Implement the procedure provided by the CIBJO and the World Diamond Council’s “System of Warranties” to prevent trade in Conflict Diamonds.
  8. Make every effort to deal only with companies that:
    • Do not exploit children or use child labour;
    • Provide adequate occupational health and safety conditions; and
    • Respect the environment.

2. PROFESSIONALISM and Expertise

JAA members will at all times:

  1. Strive to improve the knowledge, expertise and professionalism of themselves and their employees
  2. Ensure that they remain familiar with current market conditions and trends that influence trading conditions in the jewellery Industry in Australia and overseas.


JAA members will at all times:

  1. Abide by all Federal, State and local laws and regulations applicable to the jewellery industry.
  2. Ensure that all promotional, advertising and selling material and practices comply with Federal, State and local legislation and any Jewellery Industry Code.
  3. Use every effort to protect their customers against any fraud, misrepresentation or unethical practices which may arise in the jewellery industry.
  4. Cooperate with any inquiry conducted by JAA to resolve disputes involving a customer or another JAA member.


  1. The interpretation and enforcement of this Code is the sole responsibility of the JAA.
  2. The acceptance of and adherence to this Code is a condition of membership to the JAA.
  3. Should the JAA, in its absolute discretion, consider that a member has breached any provision of this Code, it may take what ever action necessary including suspending or terminating membership in the JAA.
  4. The exercise of the JAA’s discretion in the suspension or termination of a membership is without that member’s right to compensation or to recover fees paid but must be carried out according to the principles of natural justice.
  5. The JAA reserves the right to amend this Code from time to time, and members shall be required to comply with these amendments. Any such amendments will be communicated to members prior to their effective date, and posted on the JAA website