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Engagement rings sorted and your big day is moving closer. As a society we choose to give each other rings to commemorate our vow, whether it’s a “circle” of titanium, gold or platinum the decision is yours.

At Diamond Boulevard, our Consultants can provide you with a number of solutions working to your design, style, budget and of course your existing engagement rings.

For the Bride there are some key areas to consider

  • How will my new wedding ring sit against my beautiful engagement ring?
  • Can I have a wedding ring made to fit perfectly alongside my engagement ring?
  • Will the diamonds in my wedding ring colour match to my diamond in my engagement ring?
  • How long will it take to have my wedding ring made?

Our Consultants will work alongside you to answer each of your questions and help you to feel comfortable with your final decision. It is extremely important to ensure that your wedding ring fits your engagement ring so that they don’t rub against your diamond settings. It is equally important to colour match you existing diamonds with the diamonds in your wedding ring so that they complement each other.

These among many other questions will be addressed by your Consultant and we will guarantee that you are provided with all the information that you require to make the right decision for you.

For the Groom the choice of a wedding ring has never been so great. A mixture of metal and styles are commonly used with some Grooms choosing to add stones to individualise their choice. At Diamond Boulevard we carry a number of internationally recognised ranges as well as design and manufacture to your own design.

Whatever your style or budget, Diamond Boulevard will work with you.

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