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custom jewellery designs

All our Diamond Consultants at Diamond Boulevard are excited to share your visions and turn your dream jewellery into a reality. We encourage you to work with our designer until you end up with something that truly represents what you envisioned - within your budget!

A qualified gemologist at Diamond Boulevard can assist you with selecting raw materials and gemstones before we begin the detailed work to craft your brief into a stunning piece of jewellery.

Regardless of whether you want something covered in diamonds or something simple, we will be able to give you advice on which materials are best suited to achieve the desired effect; and with so many different options these days it can be hard to choose, so receiving advice from a knowledgeable designer is crucial which helps to make the process more simplified.

Before starting work on any custom designs for you, we make sure we fully understand your vision and idea. This ensures that our custom designs are original and compliment your unique personal style.

Conveniently located in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, Our Jewellers can craft unique jewellery designs alongside carefully selected diamond jewellery imported from around the world to create a jewellery that is truly unique and special!

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