Hello, lovebirds and sparkle seekers! Today at Diamond Boulevard, we’re flipping the lid on some of the most twinkling misconceptions in the diamond jewellery industry. Grab your magnifying glasses (just kidding, we’ll handle that part!) and let’s uncover the real deal about buying that perfect engagement ring.

Myth 1: Surprise, Surprise!

Hold the Hollywood dramatization! While many still dream of the surprise proposal where one partner is left clueless until the ring appears, reality often scripts a different plot. We see many couples walking through our doors together, making it a shared adventure to pick the perfect ring. In many cases, the proposer knows exactly what style their partner adores because, well, they’ve been tipped off! Choosing an engagement ring can be a joint effort filled with shared excitement and fun during the research stage.

Myth 2: Three Months’ Salary? Let’s Budget Realistically

Gone are the days when the worth of your love was measured by spending three months’ salary on an engagement ring. Finances should not be a barrier to love! At Diamond Boulevard, we say ‘budget smart, love big!’ With options like lab-grown diamonds, you can still get that grand sparkle and size, but at a fraction of the cost. These glittering gems are real diamonds with a more pocket-friendly tag, letting you save or splurge on other love celebrations (like a dreamy honeymoon!). Likewise if you dream of investing in a sensational natural diamond, we support your vision to go all out. We stand behind you all the way as you choose the right ring for you.

Myth 3: Bigger is Always Better

While big diamonds can make quite the statement, they aren’t for everyone. It’s all about quality, style, and matching the wearer’s personality. A well-cut, smaller diamond might outshine a larger one with poor clarity and color. Plus, there’s a whole world of designs that enhance a stone’s appearance and reflect personal style. At Diamond Boulevard, we help you find the ring that not only suits your finger but also your unique flair. Remember, it’s not about the size of the diamond but the size of the love it symbolises.

Myth 4: Trust Us, It’s Certified… by Us!

Navigating the waters of diamond certification can be tricky. While some jewellers might offer their in-house certification, savvy shoppers know that third-party certification is the gold standard. At Diamond Boulevard, we don’t play when it comes to quality. That’s why we offer GIA certification, the most respected in the industry, ensuring that what you buy is exactly what you get. If a jeweller can’t offer credible certification, maybe it’s time to shop elsewhere.

Myth 5: Yellow Gold is Outdated

Forget what you’ve heard about yellow gold being a relic of the past—it’s making a fabulous comeback! This timeless metal is celebrated for its warm hue that exudes both elegance and a vintage charm. Yellow gold rings offer a classic look that complements a range of skin tones and diamond settings. At Diamond Boulevard, we’re seeing more and more lovers opting for yellow gold as they discover its enduring beauty and versatility. It’s classic, it’s sophisticated, and it’s definitely here to stay.

Myth 6: Custom Designing is a Costly Headache

Think custom design is out of your league? Think again! Our diamond expert, Patti, has over 30 years experience and she is here to turn your bespoke dreams into a reality without breaking the bank or your stress levels. At Diamond Boulevard, we specialise in custom designs and offer a free consultation to start your journey. We believe everyone should have the chance to create something unique, and with us, there’s no extra cost involved in the design process. Let us make your ring as special as your love story—easy, enjoyable, and exactly to your taste.

Myth 7: You Must Know Her Ring Size

Worried about getting the perfect fit? At Diamond Boulevard, we understand that the proposal moment is nerve-wracking enough without the pressure of guessing the right ring size. That’s why we offer a free resizing service after the proposal. Just aim as close as possible, and we’ll handle the adjustments post-celebration. It’s a quick and easy fix, ensuring the ring fits as perfectly as your future together.

Myth 8: Your Jeweller is Trying to Upsell

At Diamond Boulevard, our philosophy is transparency and trust. We focus on finding the right ring that fits both your style and your budget, not on pushing a pricier option. Whether you’re interested in natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, colored stones, or unique custom designs, we’re here to create something sensational that’s tailored just for you. Our commitment is to your happiness, always!

The Sparkling Bottom Line

Armed with the truth, your journey to finding the perfect engagement ring should be filled with excitement, not misconceptions. At Diamond Boulevard, we pride ourselves on debunking myths and providing a straightforward, enjoyable shopping experience. Whether it’s a joint mission or a surprise quest, a splurge or a save, a giant rock or a modest gem, we’re here to ensure your engagement sparkles in a way that’s perfect for you.

Ready to explore what we have to offer? Let us help you discover the joy of finding—or creating—the ring that truly reflects your love and individuality. Pop into Diamond Boulevard today, where myths are debunked and dreams come true, one diamond at a time!