In the glittering world of jewellery, trust shines brightest, especially when it comes to diamonds. At Diamond Boulevard, we understand that the choices can seem endless, and the decision, monumental. This is precisely where Diamond Boulevard sets itself apart. Led by the seasoned expertise of John & Patti, who have navigated the diamond industry for over 30 years, we’re not just another jeweller – we’re your trusted partner in the journey toward making an informed, confident choice. Here are the compelling reasons why Diamond Boulevard stands as a beacon of trust and quality in the sparkling world of diamonds.

We provide GIA Certification

When it comes to diamonds, not all that glitters is gold—or, should we say, not all that sparkles is as it seems. That’s where GIA certification comes into play. But what is it, in simple terms? The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is the most trusted, independent organisation that grades diamonds. Think of it as the diamond’s report card, telling you exactly how pure, rare, and beautifully crafted your diamond is, without any sugarcoating. Without this certification, it’s hard to be sure of a diamond’s true worth. John & Patti have seen the downside of this lack of transparency in the industry and are committed to making sure their customers never face such issues. We truly believe that buying a diamond should be straightforward and rewarding, not filled with doubts or second guesses. By maintaining high standards of integrity and providing detailed, clear information to our customers, we make choosing the right diamond easy and reliable.

We believe in educating our customers

At Diamond Boulevard we are often left frustrated when we hear other jewellers claim they have the “best diamonds in the world,” yet their inventory lacks top-grade diamonds—specifically, the D, E, and F graded diamonds, which are universally recognised as the highest quality. Without offering these elite grades, how can such a bold claim be justified? This discrepancy highlights the importance of asking the right questions and educating oneself about the critical aspects of diamonds: color, cut, and clarity. We encourage everyone to delve into these topics, and our blog is a great place to start. We’re passionate about demystifying these complex subjects, making it easier for you to understand exactly what you’re investing in. After all, the diamond is the most valuable part of your jewellery, and you deserve the assurance that you’re getting exactly what you’re promised.

Imagine buying the diamond of your dreams, only to discover it doesn’t sparkle as promised. Some jewellers might mislead, providing in-house certificates that don’t always tell the whole truth. John & Patti have witnessed how the absence of external certification can lead to discrepancies between what is sold and what is delivered. They believe strongly that if a jeweller is not providing an unaffiliated certification, it raises a significant question: Why not? Valuing a diamond in-house, without the scrutiny of an independent body, opens the door to subjective interpretation and, potentially, to misleading representation. This is a scenario Diamond Boulevard stands firmly against. If a jeweller skips GIA Certification you have to wonder what their reasoning is. After all, it adds value and credibility to their diamonds, benefiting them too.

We stand for transparency

Consider the analogy of purchasing a luxury car, say a BMW, only to discover later that what you bought was in fact a very average vehicle that didn’t match the expected standards. The difference would be unmistakable, and the sense of betrayal, palpable. In the diamond industry, however, identifying the same discrepancy is not as straightforward. Diamonds, with their many grades and subtleties, can easily be misrepresented to the untrained eye. It’s an issue that John and Patti find especially disheartening, having seen too many customers disillusioned by an industry that sometimes plays fast and loose with trust.

We only sell VS and SI1 Diamonds in D, E & F Colour

At Diamond Boulevard, we specialise in offering only VS and SI1 diamonds, a testament to our dedication to exceptional quality. Our selection process is rigorous and unparalleled; we understand that within each clarity grade, the quality can vary significantly. To ensure we offer only the very best of VS and SI1 diamonds, each diamond is meticulously examined using a specialised computer system that magnifies the stone up to 200 times. This allows us to scrutinise every tiny mark and imperfection, ensuring we select diamonds that stand at the pinnacle of each category. 

We consciously avoid SI2 diamonds and lower grades due to their visible inclusions, which can detract from the diamonds’ natural beauty, making them less desirable for our standards of “eye clean” excellence. Our collection primarily features colorless D, E, and F diamonds in VS to SI1 clarity, recognised not just for their superior quality but also for their outstanding brilliance and value. 

We acknowledge that the absolute best diamonds are categorised as F (Flawless) and IF (Internally Flawless) and D color, yet this combination is usually beyond the average buyer’s budget. Our chosen range thus strikes an optimal balance, offering near-perfect clarity and color that ensures each diamond is a remarkable representation of beauty and value. This meticulous selection ensures that when we claim our diamonds are among the best in the world, we stand behind it with absolute confidence. 

We believe honesty is key

Our aim is to empower our customers with knowledge, helping them understand the significant value difference in diamond grades. Too often, consumers are misled by vague promises and in-house certifications, resulting in purchases that don’t reflect the true worth of their investment. At Diamond Boulevard, we ensure transparency and education, guaranteeing that our clients make informed decisions and receive diamonds that truly exemplify the best of what they pay for.

John and Patti’s disappointment with the industry’s darker sides has fueled their dedication to ethical practices. They advocate for every customer’s right to know precisely what they are purchasing. It’s a principle that Diamond Boulevard upholds with unwavering commitment. When we present a product, you can trust that it is exactly as described, no exceptions.